Powering Progress: Dell Technologies & TPS Combined to Supercharge Your Business Processes

In an era defined by technological innovation, Thomas Peer is incredibly proud of its growing achievements. For three consecutive years, we have successfully attained Platinum Partner Tier as part of the Dell Technologies Partner Program. Not only does this highlight our expertise, but it also depicts our relentless work ethic and collaboration with Dell Technologies.

Thomas Peer has invested significantly in empowering staff with comprehensive training, enabling them to offer expertise in presales and post-sales support. As a certified Dell Technologies Platinum Partner, we are certified to audit and provide an assessment of the current infrastructure to then scope a solution for best practice, performance and scalability. When opting for Dell Technologies, Thomas Peer possesses the necessary accreditations to deploy and configure the scoped solution.
With our unique capabilities and competitive edge, we strive to expand and generate added value for new and valued customers. With over seven years of hands-on experience in enterprise healthcare, non-for-profit organisations, government bodies, education institutes and corporate sectors across Australia and New Zealand, we have proficiently handled the following:

  • Data protection deployment
  • PowerStore solutions
  • VxRail deployments

“We are so proud to be a Dell Technologies Platinum Partner, especially for three consecutive years. We look forward to expanding our professional services team and exploring this partnership with Dell Technologies even further”. – Udara Dharmadasa, CEO.

The collaboration between Dell Technologies and Thomas Peer is far more than a partnership, we provide organisations with practical and realistic solutions. If you want to have an initial chat about your current infrastructure and how we can assist utilising Dell Technologies latest technology, please get in touch with us at sales@thomaspeer.com.au.

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