Our Masterminds

Udara Dharmadasa


A friendly outgoing personality, not easily stressed by anything.

He is People-focused and outcome-driven, with a strong skillset in sales and management developed over a 20+ year career in tech.

Believes that success is about dedication, building relationships and finding new ways to put good ideas into action. Always open to a cup of coffee to see how mutual benefit could be derived by breaking new ground

Experience and leadership across hybrid cloud, HCI and VMware has brought about opportunities to speak at conferences and events. Wants to share his knowledge, as he learned from those who shared before him

Helps companies grow faster and increase the value of their businesses. Will ensure any project is given every chance of success through the same determination and effort that gets him through the Gran Fondo bike rides and hill climbs that he loves to conquer.

Andreas Nikolakopoulos


An exuberant personality, who would like to have a job be done yesterday what should be done today under the influence of multiple coffees. He is an achiever once given a target.

With 10+ years in account management in the technology sector having worked in Australia and London, Currently Sales Manager and aiming to build a successful long-term team that will be the pride of Thomas Peer Solutions!

Prides himself in his relationships with clients, vendors and distributors and ensuring the best outcomes for his clients. His goal is to ensure Thomas Peer is an indispensable support arm for IT departments, irrespective of size.

Being part of a growing business in Australia that cares about its employee culture and client outcomes, delivery of promises made to them is essential to him.

An enthusiastic Carlton supporter and an NBA fan, he is always open to any type of sports discussion. Being a Gourmet, he is always open to a nice lunch to discuss absolutely anything and everything!

Rangi Gunasekera


A sweet smile with a captivating charm hides an iron will to achieve what she sets her heart to achieve.

Her belief in life is that “if someone wants something done, she will find a way to get it done somehow. It’s the desire and the determination that is important, to find a way”. This is the same belief that has helped Rangi achieve what she has, in her Career life as well as in her personal life. She finds a way to get things done!

Started her career as a trainee Network and Systems Administrator 10 years ago, and now heads Operations at Thomas Peer Solutions. She is responsible for the accounts, admin, and HR departments of the company.

The name Rangi means colours, and just like that she loves to Paint. She paints colourful abstracts in her free time.

Sahan Perera


A friendly person with an organised approach to life and work. Strives for excellence at all times. Shows great empathy in his interpersonal relationships.

With 5+ years of IT project experience in various industries, Sahan is an ambitious and an energetic team player. He is driven by new challenges and works smart to reach goals and objectives. He enjoys contributing new ideas and is able to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds, to work collaboratively.

Currently Following a master’s degree in photography, He has taken his hobby quite seriously.

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