The reason why technology assessments are so valuable is because it can be a cumbersome process trying to implement positive changes to your business if you’re not precisely aware what is wrong in the first place. At Thomas Peer we take it upon ourselves to reveal the gaps and shortfalls that may be causing inefficiencies and hampering your business growth. We ensure that you have all the information necessary to improve your use of technology and plan for the future for the betterment of your business operations and ultimately your bottom line.

Our assessments focus on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your current IT structures. Depending on the nature your enterprise these could range from software, hardware, business applications, storage infrastructures, security and communications. We understand that as your business continues to expand and innovate, there can loopholes which may need to be closed to ensure that your IP is secure and so that no breaches which could cost your business its very existence are closed.

Also most businesses encounter performance gaps, system redundancies which can cause inefficiencies and lose and cost the companies considerable revenues. Pinpointing what’s not working or what needs adjustments or improvements can be difficult and that’s where we come in. Thomas Peer is here to strategically map the road plan which helps eliminate the risks you face from internal and external threats.

Our approach is to systematically review your existing systems in order to determine the requirements and options available to meet your company’s needs. Technology is an integral part of your business facilities especially if you’re operating in the IT industry and this means that you need a reliable and trusted partner who is able to assess those potential problems and address them by providing long lasting solutions at great value.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the task of analyzing what could be hindering growth but instead you need to tackle these challenges head on. However, you don’t need to tackle these great challenges on your own that is why Thomas Peer is here to ensure we take that burden off your hands.

We will address any issues from performance problems, inefficiencies to redundancies and put your business back on the track of full efficiency and profitability by simply ironing out any issues you may be faced with from security assessments, server and storage assessments , IP and business managed services assessments, communication systems assessments, to network device security assessments and so much more.


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