Software-defined storage from Thomas Peer will give your organisation much better control over a range of storage options and features. This is a unique way to approach the storage of data in that it focusses on services which are related to data storage, rather than just looking at the storage hardware.

There are a range of different products which all have various features. At Thomas Peer, we deliver software-defined storage products which deliver a greater level of flexibility and additional speed, allowing your organisation to keep up with the growing trends and innovations, while at the same time delivering savings so that your total cost of ownership is reduced, significantly.

How can your organisation benefit from SDS

Outstanding Performance

This technology works for clients across a wide and varying range of industries.Whether you are running applications or desktops, you will have control over your data. If a host, disk, rack or network drops, or a complete site fails, your data is accessible.

Superior Control & Availability

IT needs to be able to respond rapidly as new demands arise. However, some environments are forcing IT to use a myriad of resources in order to be able to meet these needs. If you have a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, it will allow IT to reach those demands much quicker. In IT, being agile is having the ability to shift workloads as they are needed, when they are needed.

Straightforward Storage

Offering rapid and simple deployment of storage and easy provisioning and overall management, our SDS is award winning, and a leader in its field.

Lower Cost

This can be deployed on low-cost standard servers which remove the need for any big, upfront investments. Improve your IT efficiency through specialised features such as enhanced automation and deduplication capabilities.

If you need stability, reliability and total control over your storage, at an affordable cost, which can demonstrate a lower total cost of ownership back to the organisation, get in touch with us today, to see how we can help you to deliver upon that goal.


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