At Thomas Peer, we work with organisations and help them to successfully implement Identity & Access Management; Secure their businesses, and control access across the board.

I AM incorporates initiating, capturing, recording and managing user identities. It also provides related access permissions automatically. This method of granting access privileges is based upon one interpretation of the policy. This way all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorised and audited.

Why You Need I AM?

If there is a lack of effective identity and access management, then it can pose a great risk to compliance as well as your firm’s overall security. As a result, these issues can cause greater damages from both external and inside threats.

The business IT environment has become more dynamic than ever before, and that is something which is not set to change anytime soon. As a result, the challenge of staying in control has increased. With an increasingly mobile workforce and a rise in the number of users and advancement in technologies, more devices and services have to be managed each day. More than ever, access privileges need to bet in place correctly, monitored and maintained to safeguard key, important, and sensitive data.

here is a lot to keep track with changing designations and roles of employees within an organisation, the more complex the identity management and access becomes.

The most common issue is that of readily granting the privileges to employees as their roles switch, but the level of access they have is not revoked when they no longer need it.

This type of issue often leads to people having generic access, as opposed to specific access needs and subsequently leads to an accumulation of privileges. It creates security threats in two ways. If an employee has privileges beyond their role or duty, then they might be able to access applications and data in an unauthorised and potentially unsafe manner. Also, if an intruder gains access to the account of a user with excessive privileges, they may automatically be able to do more harm. Data theft or data loss can then occur from either situation.

In reality, this access is of little or no use to the employee or the business. It may come in handy in situations when the employee needs to do unexpected tasks. However, for an intruder, it may inadvertently help them; they can easily take hold of an over-privileged member of staff identity. The poor management of staff access levels can also lead to users keeping those privileges after the organisation no longer employs them. We will help you gain a clear visibility of who can access what, and put controls in place to ensure they can only access where they are meant to. It will also ensure that when employees leave the business, they are unable to gain access to your sensitive or confidential information.


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