At Thomas Peer, we understand how important your data is to your business, and to your clients. Our SDDC is a robust storage facility where each and every part of the infrastructure make-up is delivered as a completely virtualised service that is implemented entirely through software. It Is a combination of storage, server and network virtualization.

As Data Centres become more intricate and more capable of meeting the ever-demanding needs of clients across an array of industries, we have seen a shift in behaviour. Our team is prolific within the virtualization realm, and SDDC is fast becoming a popular choice for many organisations across Australia. If you are considering moving from a manual data centre to a more automated environment and infrastructure, then the team at Thomas Peer are ideally placed to help you with that transition.

SDDC Brings Real Business Benefits

Easy Data Centre Management

SDDC enables a single platform for the purpose of monitoring, amending and scaling storage, server and networking resources, negating the need to use a broad range of tools for this purpose.

Enhances Automation Benefits

Complex IT services are able to be quickly deployed in a standard way that can be easily repeated. You can truly reap the benefits of automation into absolutely ANY IT service delivery workflow.

Business Centric Approach

SDDC will enable your business to move away from being device, or technology driven. It automates the IT resource delivery method through a process which is unified, meaning your data centre works exactly how you want it to, not the way a device or technology dictates.

Faster Rate of Service Delivery

Get enhanced control, reliability, agility and effectiveness when you deploy enterprise class services. This is due to the automation and the ultra-defined mapping of networking, server, and storage resources.


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