Thomas Peer provides project management solutions for IT services by overseeing projects. We have help plan, monitor and control to maintain and ensure effective operations. Managing information technology projects can pose numerous challenges for businesses which don’t have robust internal structures for making sure IT solution adopted to help with efficiency are implemented correctly and in a timely manner.

IT project management can include various activities including the monitoring of hardware installations, cloud computing or software rollouts, network upgrades, data management and business analytics. Every project has its own specific life cycle but some factors that can be common in most ventures will include such processes as initiation – a process by which the challenges or problems are identified and put into the scope of the project’s goals. As project managers we are able to create or review the project charters and move the vision to the next stage which usually involves planning. At Thomas Peer we like to work with businesses closely to ensure that we map out all the necessary requirements.

The most important part of project management is execution. Thomas Peer professionally handles the implementation of every project with precision. Once the project is fully underway we ensure the measures put in place to monitor and control progress are adhered to while also living room for making adjustments to make sure our partners have their delivery expectations accommodated at every stage. At the end of every stage in the project management process, we review to make sure that all the tasks are completed to perfection and approved by all stakeholders so that a successful outcome is always guaranteed.

Thomas Peer invests in insights that enable project management execution to go smoothly but moreover we also take time to make sure we have done the due diligence that enables foresight and preparation for any problems which may arise. Technological or infrastructure failures are some of the problems which may cause delays or jeorpadise the success of a project. We understand that time is a crucial component for IT business because of the disruptive nature of the industry and that is why we do everything within our capacity to ensure that any problems which may affect the likelihood of a project’s success are eliminated with speed to make sure there are no delays at any stage of a project. If this is not addressed there can be ripple effects which may cause businesses considerable resources. Whether your project entails research, service, development, or deployment Thomas is here to ensure that you can realistically deliver on time. We also help businesses understand the scope and risks involved in your projects. What we do best is making sure the systems and procedures for efficient delivery through our professional service offerings. Client satisfaction is what has allowed our business to grow and we always put that at the fore of our approach.


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