Thomas Peer believes that businesses require options and flexibility in defining what tools they use, and how they use make use of them. We enable this with an integrated cloud service. For stronger and high level security, it is recommended that businesses configure multi-factor authentication (MFA) to help protect their AWS resources because the great thing about MFA is the fact that it adds extra security since it requires users to enter a unique authentication code from an approved authentication device or SMS text message when they access AWS websites or services.

Typically with MFA, users must provide two or more “factors” of authentication when they access applications, networks and resources. The uniqueness of having MFA implementations is that they use a combination of familiar factors such as a username, password, PIN or the answer to a security question. They also use something you have for instance a smartphone, one-time pass token or smart card. The most fascinating feature is that they make use of something is a part of you such as biometrics like your fingerprint, retina scans or voice recognition.

Passwords tend to be the weakest link in security. They offer inadequate protection against cyber attacks, data breaches and fraud. Thomas Peer strengthens security with adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) across enterprise identities and resources without causing annoyance or inconveniencing users. It is no secret that these days credentials are being compromised and made available to attackers; password-based security is no longer sufficient. MFA is one of the best ways to stop unauthorized access because it requires multiple methods for identification.

Keeping your corporate data is crucial and Thomas Peer helps you manage access. Security is something we value greatly and it’s our priority service to ensure that you get the systems and structures in place that will give you all the necessary protections you need to secure your business systems. Making sure that your identity is not compromised and to protect your systems from breached Thomas Peer will ensure you have the right solutions in place.


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