There is an entire array of Cloud Application Services. Cloud computing can deliver significant benefits to an organization. In order to maximize the efficiency of Cloud technologies within your business, you need to choose the right services and the right partner to implement them. Using the very best technologies, Thomas Peer provides Infrastructure, Desktop, and Software as a service.


Infrastructure as a Service delivers a broad range of scalable services and offers advantages that reach far beyond cost savings. It gives you access to a superb set of technologies such as monitoring, access, and remote data centre infrastructure, storage, firewalls and more. IAAS will reduce your infrastructure costs; it will give you an almost endless scope of flexibility and scalability within your organization, allowing you to increase your time to market while being able to respond quickly to competitive pressures. You are guaranteed an almost perfect level of uptime, along with superior levels of compliance and security.

Unrivalled cost savings on infrastructure and hardware

Elite levels of disaster recovery and business continuity services

Significant reduction in costs for IT staff and administration

Immediate access to enhanced capabilities and new skills

Cost of IaaS is consumption-based. The additional time and money which may have been spent on making decisions about your technology, can be put to better use focussing on growing your business.


Thomas Peer are experts in helping organizations move from traditional desktops to a more modern, and rapid virtualised desktop environment.
DAAS is a service provided by us which enables an organization to move applications and infrastructure to the Cloud. It is a service which delivers a range of benefits that are too compelling to ignore. Your team will be able to access their desktop, securely from anywhere.

Cost Saving

You will instantly cut a significant chunk off your bottom line, saving money that would have otherwise been spent maintaining your onsite hardware. Reducing or removing CapEx, and replacing it with operational expenditure is an attractive and appealing option for most organizations.


Businesses today face ever increasing online challenges from cybercrime and its associated activities. Since the majority of security breaches occur near the outer edges of a network, this makes DAAS an excellent option. As all of your data and your business applications are secured and stored in the Cloud, rather than on the devices themselves, this provides you with peace of mind. Your intellectual property will be in safe hands.
By implementing a consistent group of security policies, that can easily be applied to any mobile device, regardless of manufacturer or operating system, DAAS can also help to alleviate some of the challenges faced by organizations with BYOD as well.

Increased Agility and Mobility

With the increasing demand for mobile device support, implementing mobility solutions gives your workforce increased agility, and the flexibility to work from anywhere, from any device. Implementing DAAS within your business will make sure there is a consistent end-user experience. Mobilising your workforce is the ideal choice for geographically distributed teams.

Quick and Easy Deployment

If you have a new employee starting, it is swift and simple to get them set-up and started. Flexibility and agility are a crucial driver in today's busy and dynamic world. Whether you are hiring temps, contractors, or consultants, DAAS will deliver an unrivalled level of flexibility into your organization.


If you have a new employee starting, it is swift and simple to get them set-up and started. Flexibility and agility are a crucial driver in today's busy and dynamic world. Whether you are hiring temps, contractors, or consultants, DAAS will deliver an unrivalled level of flexibility into your organization.


At Thomas Peer, we ensure that your IT gives you an advantage in business. If you are thinking about making a move to the Cloud, then SaaS must be on the top of your list. Put simply; SaaS is a way in which different software that your business uses, becomes available over the internet, as opposed to being stored locally on your network. With a SaaS product, payment terms work similarly to a rental, meaning that you will have the product for as long as you need it. It is quick to implement, brings a multitude of cost benefits, and the quality of the product your business and staff have access to is second to none.
Through our experts, we can help you to identify and implement SaaS within your organization. There are many reasons why businesses just like yours have already moved across to the SaaS model.

Integration and Scalability

Typically, SaaS products remain in the Cloud due to the scalability offered, along with the opportunity for them to integrate with other SaaS solutions. In comparison to the traditional model, you do not need to pay for a server or software, and there is no reason to be concerned with capacity planning.

Reduced Costs

Compared with a traditional licensing model, SaaS will significantly lower costs. Foremost are the maintenance and staffing costs. Because this software resides in a multitenant environment, this means licence costs are a lot less compared with the legacy model of software licensing. Plus, for the SMB, where a minimum licence count is enforced, with some software providers that can be either 50, or 100 users; the same rules do not always apply to a SaaS model. If you want to add, or remove users, it costs less to do that on a SaaS model for licensing as you can often increase in single units, as opposed to chunks of 5, or 10 licences at a time.

Rapid Set-up

Since the application has already been configured and installed in the Cloud, set-up time is significantly less than that of a traditional model. It makes for a rapid deployment into an organization, giving you the benefits of the new application or software almost instantly.

Always Up to Date

As the SaaS is updated by the provider, you can rest assured that your business will always have access to the latest and greatest features of the product. You will not need to wait or pay for upgrades to the SaaS model; it is a low maintenance product which is updated on your behalf.
If you want your business to run more efficiently, or cost-effectively, then harnessing the power of the Cloud can deliver exactly that. The team at Thomas Peer would be delighted to talk you through any questions you may have regarding Cloud implementation in your business.


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