Thomas Peer delivers solutions which appeal to many organisations across Australia. Hyper-Converged Storage Technologies provide an increased level of control over storage within a virtualized environment. We can help you to deploy these solutions as either software only, or hardware with software products.

Hyper Convergence brings together all of the crucial trends that enterprise IT can find challenging to deal with.

Centralized Management

With hypervisor technology, all of the components such as storage, back-up to disk, compute and cloud gateway features are combined into a shared pool of resource. The design is efficient; it is straightforward, and it allows IT to manage resources which are aggregated, as a singular system. This type of system deals with the physical sources, as if they were situated together, this can also be said for the management too.

Increased Agility

IT needs to be able to respond rapidly as new demands arise. However, some environments are forcing IT to use a myriad of resources in order to be able to meet these needs. If you have a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, it will allow IT to reach those demands much quicker. In IT, being agile is having the ability to shift workloads as they are needed, when they are needed.

Effective Scalability

Hyper Convergence provides a scalable approach which enables IT to expand with an almost building-block approach. Meaning that this type of approach is fast, it is granular, and it does not require a significant investment. It provides an efficient way to utilise resources. In comparison with legacy infrastructures, they are low in cost.

Data Protection

Information Security is crucial; some businesses will only do the minimum to safeguard their information. In order to deliver effective data protection in a legacy system, there is often a significant expense needed in order to do so. With a Hyper-Converged environment, most of the key components are already built in, such as back—up, data and disaster recovery.

The benefits of Hyper Convergence are clear:

Comprehensive data recovery, data back-up and affordable disaster recovery

Excellent protection without data rehydration and re-deduplication

A singular, central console that allows IT to react quickly

If you are considering Hyper Convergence for your organisation and would like some expert advice on how this solution could fit into your business, please get in touch with a member of the team at Thomas Peer today.


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