Data Backup and Disaster recovery should be a part of your business strategy. Having an action plan and backup information available at no time is crucial to any businesses these days.

Cloud has made it possible for data to be stored online and for that data to be easily accessible from anywhere, at any time. Any successful business should have a disaster plan or provisions for simple file recovery. The gamut of information transmitted over servers with constant changes and updates makes backup an important part of system recovery and functionality. Backups are the difference between hours of downtime, to weeks, or even months of disruption following an event. Without the right type of back-up in place, vital elements and information could be lost forever, impacting your reputation as a business, and also your ability to operate effectively.

Talk to a member of our team about our disaster recovery and backup solutions. We will ensure you get the best backup solution, so that in the event of any occurrence which is outside of your control, your business data and application can be restored quickly; and you can continue to operate efficiently and serve your customers with the least amount of disruption.

The simplest of mistakes can lead to costly business disasters. Having an IT disaster recovery plan is a critical business need and something which if implemented correctly, could save your business a lot of money, and stress.

Nobody can predict the future, we do not always get prior notice of a business critical incident, and more importantly, when thins occur which are outside of your control, you need a backup plan, you need to be prepared. The possibility of a combination hardware failures, human error and natural disasters are high; this indicates that the reality of data loss is simply a matter of when and not if.
Here are the top reasons why your company should consider implementing a robust back-up and disaster recovery solution.

Equipment Fails :

All hardware devices are perishable, they all have an end date, and no-one knows exactly when that will be.

Loss of Important Files :

One of the most recurring IT issues is hardware crashes and programme failures. There is nothing worse than working on a file, then dealing with a hardware crash, or a non-responsive programme.

Customers Expect Perfection :

Customers need, and expect perfection; it is so very important not to give your clients a reason to shop around or look elsewhere, just because of something which can be entirely preventable, such as an outage in service.

It Costs More to Get a New Customer, than to Retain One :

It is a challenge to earn the trust of a client. However, if that trust is broken, it becomes much harder. Data loss or a security breach can result in lost customers; it can also damage your reputation.

You are only as strong as your weakest link :

There is no 100% foolproof plan to make your business entirely immune from IT disasters. However, there are plenty of things which are within your control; that can be put into place to help secure your business, and safeguard it as best as possible. You have the power to put your company into a place which means even the most robust of IT disasters will only cause a minimal amount of disruption.

Talk to one our experts at Thomas Peer; we can help you to put the right back-up and disaster recovery plan in place for your business, giving you security, peace of mind, and protection that should the worst happen, your business will suffer the minimal of effects. Your business and customers deserve it.


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