At Thomas Peer, we deliver the best backup and storage solutions for your business. Offering a range of scalable, secure and fully automated service that is completely tailored to the needs of your company. Regardless of the size of your organization, or the volume of data that you need us to back up and store for you, our pricing is competitive, and we deliver superior client satisfaction.

Back-Up & Storage

Our Back-Up solutions deliver world class, fully automated, flexible and scalable Cloud back-up and storage services for businesses of any size. We offer real-time monitoring and ensure the optimum levels of security are in place for your integral information.

Why are a back-up and storage important for my business?

Whatever type of organization you are in, you simply cannot afford to lose important company information, whether that be accounts, customer records, order books or other. Having a back-up of your data is crucial in this day and age. There are many known and quite common reasons that a business would need to call on a back-up; it could be simply a case of human error, where some important files or information have been mistakenly deleted. Alternatively, it could be something much more sinister, such as a cyber-attack, or even a natural disaster, the latter being completely outside of your area of control.

Natural Disasters

It could be a flood, hurricane, earthquake or a blizzard. These types of things happen more often than you might think. When business premises are caught up in this type of event, it can be costly. Having a back-up of your data means you are much less impacted, and you can get up and running and operational much quicker.

Client Data Security

If you store a lot of customer data, or confidential information, then you simply cannot afford to lose this or allow it to get into the wrong hands. When you use our back-up and storage services, the information is correctly stored, and more importantly it is completely under your control. So, there is no need to worry about any damage being done should an incident occur which is outside of your control.

System Failure

Although this is less common, machines, hardware and systems can fail. Irrespective of the amount of money you invest in hardware, and technology for your business, not one solution is 100% perfect and failure free. By having a secure and robust back-up and / or storage solution, you can minimize the risk, and the impact your business should a system failure occur.

Human Error

Sometimes, your employees are ultimately responsible for data breaches, and data losses. Errors occur, and often, just a click too many, or in the wrong place, at the wrong time can cause your data to be compromised. Staff training and education is essential, along with a sensible and secure back-up and storage solution.

Cyber Crime

The types of threats that come from the online world are constantly changing. A significant area of attention is placed on business, not just because of the financial and personal information that is contained within company records, but because of the value of the data to business. The lengths the cyber criminals go to, in order to get this information is extreme, which is why you need to have a back-up of data, which is stored securely.

Although every organization is different, Thomas Peer can deliver a storage and back-up that gives you scalable pricing, around the clock support, from some of the leading technology providers. While you cannot prevent a natural disaster, a system failure, or can you prevent the occasional human error; you can secure and protect your organization from an expensive and disruptive data loss by taking control and investing in a back-up and storage solution.


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